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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requests/145'

By Christian Hesse
* origin/merge-requests/145:
  man: add missing parameter for `add_runscript`
  man: use same syntax for all hooks

See merge request archlinux/mkinitcpio/mkinitcpio!145
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......@@ -208,21 +208,21 @@ functions exist to facilitate this.
using readlink. There is no checking done to ensure that the target of the
symlink exists, and symlinks will not be followed recursively.
*add_all_modules* [ '-f filter' ] *pattern*::
*add_all_modules* [ '-f filter' ] 'pattern'::
Adds modules to the image, without regard for the autodetect whitelist. *pattern*
should be a subdirectory within the kernel tree describing a subset of modules to
be included. Further refinement can be provided via the -f flag with an extended
regular expression.
*add_checked_modules* [ '-f filter' ] *pattern*::
*add_checked_modules* [ '-f filter' ] 'pattern'::
Similar to *add_all_modules* with the constraint that only modules matching the
whitelist generated by the autodetect hook will be added to the image. If the
autodetect hook is not present in the image, this function is identical to
*add_runscript* 'scriptname'::
Adds a runtime hook to the image, which is a busybox ash compatible shell
script. The name of the script is guaranteed to match the name of the hook the
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