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# Arch Linux Keyring
# archlinux-keyring
Repository for the Arch Linux keyring package.
The archlinux-keyring project holds PGP packet material and tooling
(`keyringctl`) to create the distribution keyring for Arch Linux.
The keyring is used by pacman to establish the web of trust for the packagers
of the distribution.
## Addition/Removal/Update of a packaging key
The PGP packets describing the main signing keys can be found below the
[main](main) directory, while those of the packagers are located below the
[packagers](packagers) directory.
1. Get the keyid from the bugreport in the [keyring
2. Add the keyid to `packager-keyids` in alphabetic order, following this
format: full size keyid, a tab, nickname.
## Requirements
## Revoking a packager key
The following packages need to be installed to be able to create a PGP keyring
from the provided data structure and to install it:
1. Create a key removal task in the [keyring
2. Remove the keyid of the revoked user from `packager-keyids`.
3. Add the removed keyid to `packager-revoked-keyids`, in alphabetic order,
following this format: full size keyid, a tab, nickname, a tab and reason of
* make
* python
* sequoia-sq
## Keyring release
## Installation
1. bump the version in the Makefile
2. Run update-keys
4. git add the new .asc file in the packager directory.
4. Commit everything as 'Update keyring'
5. Create a new tag ```git tag -s $(date +"%Y%m%d")```
6. Push changes
7. Upload the source tarball with ```make dist upload```
8. Update the package
To install archlinux-keyring system-wide use the included `Makefile`:
make install
## Contribute
Development of archlinux-keyring takes place on Arch Linux' Gitlab:
Please read our distribution-wide [Code of
Conduct]( before
contributing, to understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.
Read our [contributing guide]( to learn more about how to
provide fixes or improvements for the code base and how to add, update or
remove key material.
Discussion around archlinux-keyring may take place on the [arch-projects
mailing list]( and in
[#archlinux-projects](ircs:// on [Libera
All past and present authors of archlinux-keyring are listed in
## Releases
[Releases of
are created by its current maintainer [Christian
Hesse]( Tags are signed using the PGP key
with the ID `02FD1C7A934E614545849F19A6234074498E9CEE`.
To verify a tag, first import the relevant PGP key:
gpg --auto-key-locate wkd --search-keys
Afterwards a tag can be verified from a clone of this repository:
git verify-tag <tag>
## License
Archlinux-keyring is licensed under the terms of the **GPL-3.0-or-later** (see
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