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......@@ -20,25 +20,25 @@ from the provided data structure and to install it:
## Usage
Import of a new packager key
### Import
Import a new packager key by deriving the username from the filename.
./keyringctl import <username>.asc
# alternatively override the username otherwise derived from the filename
./keyringctl import --name <username> <file>
Updates to existing packager keys
Alternatively import a file or directory and override the username
# username is automatically derived from the fingerprint
./keyringctl import <file_or_directory>...
./keyringctl import --name <username> <file_or_directory>
Import of a new main key
Updates to existing keys will automatically derive the username from the known fingerprint.
./keyringctl import <file_or_directory>
Main key imports support the same options plus a mandatory `--main`
# same options as packager key except mandatory --main
./keyringctl import --main <username>.asc
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