Commit 1420af6f authored by Alad Wenter's avatar Alad Wenter
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build: add diagnostics for created/existing signatures

parent 38efac40
......@@ -464,11 +464,12 @@ while IFS= read -ru "$fd" path; do
# Skipped package build with signature
elif [[ -f $db_root/$p_base.sig ]] && [[ ! -f $p_base ]]; then
printf >&2 '%q\n' "$db_root/$p_base.sig"
printf >&2 '%s: existing signature file %q\n' "$argv0" "$db_root/$p_base.sig"
# No candidate signature, generate one
elif (( sign_pkg )); then
as_user gpg "${gpg_args[@]}" --output "$p_base".sig "$p"
printf >&2 '%s: created signature file %q\n' "$argv0" "$p_base".sig
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