Commit 7968debc authored by Kristian Klausen's avatar Kristian Klausen 🎉
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Merge branch 'improve-arch-textcollector' into 'master'

prometheus_exporters: Improve arch-textcollector

See merge request archlinux/infrastructure!453
parents ff76b6b3 4dc0dd4c
......@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@ trap "rm -f $TMP_FILE" EXIT
updates=$(/usr/bin/checkupdates | wc -l)
secupdates=$(/usr/bin/arch-audit -u | wc -l)
orphans=$(/usr/bin/pacman -Qdtq | wc -l)
orphans=$(/usr/bin/pacman -Qdttq | wc -l)
foreigns=$(/usr/bin/pacman -Qmq | wc -l)
pacnew=$(/usr/bin/pacdiff -o | wc -l)
echo "# HELP pacman_updates_pending number of pending updates from pacman" >> $TMP_FILE
echo "# TYPE pacman_updates_pending gauge" >> $TMP_FILE
......@@ -37,4 +38,8 @@ echo "# HELP pacman_foreigns number of foreign packages from pacman" >> $TMP_FIL
echo "# TYPE pacman_foreigns gauge" >> $TMP_FILE
echo "pacman_foreigns $foreigns" >> $TMP_FILE
echo "# HELP pacman_pacnew number of pacnew/pacsave files" >> $TMP_FILE
echo "# TYPE pacman_pacnew gauge" >> $TMP_FILE
echo "pacman_pacnew $pacnew" >> $TMP_FILE
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