Verified Commit b3f94001 authored by Evangelos Foutras's avatar Evangelos Foutras 🐱
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ansible.cfg: Use new callbacks_enabled key name

As per the following deprecation warning (even though it has a typo):

[DEPRECATION WARNING]: [defaults]callback_whitelist option, normalizing
names to new standard, use callback_enabled instead. This feature will
be removed from ansible-core in version 2.15.  Deprecation warnings can
be disabled by setting deprecation_warnings=False in ansible.cfg.

parent 0a460f6a
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ roles_path = roles
vault_password_file = misc/
retry_files_enabled = False
callback_plugins = plugins/callback
callback_whitelist = profile_tasks
callbacks_enabled = profile_tasks
max_diff_size = 250000
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