Verified Commit d8958415 authored by Kristian Klausen's avatar Kristian Klausen 🎉
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aurweb: Add Kristian's PGP key

Kevin is MIA, so add my key, so we can do releases.
parent d08abde9
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ aurweb_git_dir: "{{ aurweb_dir }}/aur.git"
aurweb_git_hook: '/usr/local/bin/aurweb-git-update'
aurweb_nginx_conf: '/etc/nginx/nginx.d/aurweb.conf'
aurweb_version: 'live'
aurweb_pgp_keys: ['0F985B6F99B6686854C44EC3F7E46DED420788F3']
aurweb_pgp_keys: ['0F985B6F99B6686854C44EC3F7E46DED420788F3', 'DB650286BD9EAE39890D3FE6FE3DC1668CB24956']
aurweb_db: 'aur'
aurweb_db_host: 'localhost'
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