Commit b5316bb7 authored by Tobias Powalowski's avatar Tobias Powalowski
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show how big ramdisk is

parent d86de41e
......@@ -278,6 +278,7 @@ _kexec() {
echo -e "Running \033[1m\033[92mkexec\033[0m with \033[1mnew\033[0m KEXEC_FILE_LOAD ..."
kexec -s -f /"${VMLINUZ}" --initrd="/initrd.img" --reuse-cmdline &
echo "$(($(stat -c %s /initrd.img)*425/100000))"
echo -e "Running \033[1m\033[92mkexec\033[0m with \033[1mold\033[0m KEXEC_LOAD ..."
kexec -c -f --mem-max=0xA0000000 /"${VMLINUZ}" --initrd="/initrd.img" --reuse-cmdline &
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