Commit 2e0642ef authored by Dave Reisner's avatar Dave Reisner
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makefile: use git archive for creating dist balls

Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Reisner <>
parent 1cf6e05b
...@@ -93,23 +93,7 @@ uninstall: ...@@ -93,23 +93,7 @@ uninstall:
.PHONY: dist .PHONY: dist
dist: dist:
@echo -e "$(call MSG1,Build abs-$(ABS_VERSION) release)" git archive --format=tar --prefix=abs-$(ABS_VERSION)/ $(ABS_VERSION) | gzip -9 > abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Creating build directory)"
@mkdir $(BUILDDIR)
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Copying files)"
@cp abs $(BUILDDIR)
@cp Makefile $(BUILDDIR)
@cp makeworld $(BUILDDIR)
@cp -R conf $(BUILDDIR)
@cp -R prototypes $(BUILDDIR)
@cp -R scripts $(BUILDDIR)
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Tarring files)"
@tar czf abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz $(BUILDDIR) --transform="s#^$(BUILDDIR)*#abs/#"
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Removing build directory)"
@rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)
clean: clean:
$(RM) $(scripts) $(RM) $(scripts)
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