Commit 3c45f193 authored by Allan McRae's avatar Allan McRae
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Remove old code path

The community repo now uses the same system as the main repos.

Signed-off-by: Allan McRae's avatarAllan McRae <>
parent fc8500e9
...@@ -126,14 +126,6 @@ update_rsync() { ...@@ -126,14 +126,6 @@ update_rsync() {
repo=${param%/*} repo=${param%/*}
INCLUDE="${INCLUDE} --include=/${repo}" INCLUDE="${INCLUDE} --include=/${repo}"
EXCLUDE="${EXCLUDE} --exclude=/${repo}/*" EXCLUDE="${EXCLUDE} --exclude=/${repo}/*"
# temporary while community repo still has package categories
# fixes FS#11582
if [ "$repo" != "${repo/\/}" ]; then
INCLUDE="${INCLUDE} --include=/${repo}"
EXCLUDE="${EXCLUDE} --exclude=/${repo}/*"
fi fi
done done
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