Commit 800abfe4 authored by matt mooney's avatar matt mooney Committed by Allan McRae
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Makefile: use formatted output in release target

Signed-off-by: default avatarmatt mooney <>
parent 87e37464
...@@ -80,15 +80,20 @@ uninstall: ...@@ -80,15 +80,20 @@ uninstall:
.PHONY: release .PHONY: release
release: release:
mkdir -p $(BUILDDIR)/abs @echo -e "$(call MSG1,Build abs-$(ABS_VERSION) release)"
cp Makefile $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @echo -e "$(call MSG2,Creating build directory)"
cp abs $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @mkdir -p $(BUILDDIR)/abs
cp makeworld $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @echo -e "$(call MSG2,Copying files)"
cp README $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @cp Makefile $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
cp COPYING $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @cp abs $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
cp -R conf $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @cp makeworld $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
cp -R prototypes $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @cp README $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
cp -R scripts $(BUILDDIR)/abs/ @cp COPYING $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
cd $(BUILDDIR) && tar czf abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz "abs/" @cp -R conf $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
mv $(BUILDDIR)/abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz . @cp -R prototypes $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
rm -rf $(BUILDDIR) @cp -R scripts $(BUILDDIR)/abs/
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Tarring files)"
@cd $(BUILDDIR) && tar czf abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz "abs/"
@mv $(BUILDDIR)/abs-$(ABS_VERSION).tar.gz .
@echo -e "$(call MSG2,Removing build directory)"
@rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)
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