Commit e0417082 authored by Allan McRae's avatar Allan McRae
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makeworld: fix building from community repos

The community repo now has the same layout as the main repos so the
search for PKGBUILDs in the community repo has become broken. Fix that.

Signed-off-by: Allan McRae's avatarAllan McRae <>
parent 9a4c3ec4
......@@ -123,13 +123,7 @@ cd - &>/dev/null
sd=$(date +"[%b %d %H:%M]")
for repo in $*; do
if [ "$repo" = "community" ]; then
for pkg in $(find "$toplevel/$repo" -maxdepth $finddepth -mindepth $finddepth -type d | sort); do
for pkg in $(find "$toplevel/$repo" -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | sort); do
cd $pkg
if [ -f PKGBUILD ]; then
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