Commit 2458ea3a authored by juadde's avatar juadde Committed by Christian Rebischke
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Cleanup of variables

parent 10f185b7
......@@ -39,11 +39,11 @@ case $1 in
jq ".\"post-processors\"[0] |= map(select(.\"type\" != \"vagrant-cloud\"))" vagrant.json | ./packer validate -var "iso_url=$(date +'%Y.%m').01/archlinux-$(date +'%Y.%m').01-x86_64.iso" -var "iso_checksum_url=$(date +'%Y.%m').01/sha1sums.txt" -
./packer validate -var "iso_checksum_url=" -except=vagrant-cloud vagrant.json
jq ".\"post-processors\"[0] |= map(select(.\"type\" != \"vagrant-cloud\"))" local.json | ./packer validate -var "iso_url=$(date +'%Y.%m').01/archlinux-$(date +'%Y.%m').01-x86_64.iso" -var "iso_checksum_url=$(date +'%Y.%m').01/sha1sums.txt" -
./packer validate local.json
# We use + instead of \; here because find doesn't pass
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