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This also adds a snippet for always getting the most recent version of the qcow2 image.
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Arch-boxes provides automated builds of the Arch Linux releases for different providers and formats.
## Dependencies
## Usage
### Vagrant
If you're a vagrant user, you can just go to [our Vagrant Cloud page]( and follow the instructions there.
### Plain qcow2 image
If you want to use the plain qcow2 image with `qemu` or other hypervisors, you can use the nightly qcow2 images we provide.
Be advised, however, that our automatic builds are cleaned up after a few days so you can't hard-code a specific image version anywhere.
You can use this snippet to always get the most recent image and check its integrity (you need to install `hq` for this):
most_recent=$(curl -Ls '' | grep cloudimg | grep -vi sha256 | hq a attr href | sed "s|artifacts/file|artifacts/raw|")
curl -LO "$most_recent"{,.SHA256}
sha256sum -c $(basename $most_recent).SHA256
## Development
### Dependencies
You'll need the following dependencies:
* vagrant (for vagrant images)
* qemu
## How to build this
### How to build this
The official builds are done in our Arch Linux GitLab CI.
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