Verified Commit cdc14d40 authored by Kristian Klausen's avatar Kristian Klausen 🎉
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Use the correct function for the vagrant virtualbox image

parent e7af4c56
......@@ -253,6 +253,6 @@ function main() {
create_image "Arch-Linux-x86_64-cloudimg-${build_version}.qcow2" cloud_image cloud_image_post
create_image "Arch-Linux-x86_64-libvirt-${build_version}.box" vagrant_qemu vagrant_qemu_post
create_image "Arch-Linux-x86_64-virtualbox-${build_version}.box" vagrant_qemu vagrant_virtualbox_post
create_image "Arch-Linux-x86_64-virtualbox-${build_version}.box" vagrant_virtualbox vagrant_virtualbox_post
main "$@"
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