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      Replace packer with two custom shell scripts · 26cd9cc5
      Kristian Klausen authored
      Using actual VMs to build VMs is slow and error-prone (you need to use
      VNC to see what is going on, and booting takes over +110 seconds as we
      wait to be sure Arch Linux is ready).
      build.sh can build all three images in ~135 seconds (assuming all the
      packages is cached), we still need to use a VM for the actually building
      in GitLab CI (as that is the only safe way it can be done at the
      moment), which is a bit slower (~22 min vs ~13 min (Packer)), but that
      isn't really a big issue.
      In the future we can hopefully switch to Kate Containers[1] and reduce
      the build time significantly.
      [1] infrastructure#108
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