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README: Add section about promotion artifact

Add section that explains the common files in a promotion artifact.
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......@@ -155,6 +155,30 @@ The above metrics entry would result in the following JSON representation:
Promotion artifact
The promotion artifact is a ZIP compressed file (````), that is
uploaded to the project before its link is added to the release that it is
The file contains one directory for each release type that the project offers.
In each release type directory there are is a **JSON payload**
(``<release_type>-<version>.json``), a directory
(``<release_type>-<version>/``) containing signatures for any files that have
been setup for detached signatures and optionally a torrent file
(``<release_type>-<version>.json``) that is created for the release type's
build artifacts *and* the detached signatures contained in the promotion
.. code::
├── example-0.1.0
│   └── artifact.tar.gz.sig
├── example-0.1.0.json
└── example-0.1.0.torrent
JSON payload
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