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    [syslinux-iso] Add PXE support via NBD. · 1320c0ee
    Gerardo Pozzi authored
    nbd (network block device utilities) package is required.
    This package is in AUR at this moment.
    Also added dnsmasq pkg, so the live-medium, appart of support booting from PXE
    also add the capability to acts as server for PXE & NBD.
    This is a dirty script to ilustrate how to launch server:
    ---- Cut here ----
    ifconfig eth0 ${IP}
    dnsmasq \
      --enable-tftp \
      --tftp-root=/bootmnt/boot \
      --dhcp-boot=/pxelinux.0,"${IP}" \
    nbd-server 9040 ${ISO} -r
    ---- Cut here ----
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <>