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    Using edk2-shell for UEFI shell · 2ce375cd
    David Runge authored
    Instead of downloading UDK2018 based edk2 UEFI shell, use the Shell
    binaries from the edk2-shell package.
    This effectively makes the use of EFI shell v1 obsolete.
    Renaming UEFI shell entries to match the packaged edk2-shell based UEFI
    shell binaries.
    Renaming the systemd-boot bootloader entries for UEFI shell (normal and
    full version) to reflect their file names, which are derived from the
    binary names in the edk2-shell package.
    Copying the edk2-shell based UEFI shell binaries for normal efiboot and
    .iso based "el-torito" efiboot mode.
    Adding edk2-shell to the requirements in the documentation, as the
    package is now used to provide UEFI shell.