Commit 59ad1113 authored by Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi's avatar Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
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[archiso] Add archiso_shutdown hook.

STATUS: Working (std boot, loop_mnt, pxe) with copytoram=[y|n].

NEEDS: initscript > 2011.07.3, mkinitcpio > 0.7.2, mkinitcpio-busybox > 1.18.5-1

Purpose: we need this for propertly unmount $cow_device,
used for persistent dm-snapshot devices.

This hook is based on work from Tom Gundersen[#1],
but adapted for archiso things (specially the shutdown script)


Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <>
parent 908551ef
......@@ -121,7 +121,8 @@ if nothing is specified on command line.
* archiso_pxe_nbd
+ mkinitcpio-nfs-utils for ipconfig
+ nbd for nbd-client
* archiso_shutdown
+ (none)
*** Image types generated by mkarchiso.
......@@ -12,6 +12,9 @@ install-hooks:
# hooks/install are needed by mkinitcpio
install -D -m 644 hooks/archiso $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso
install -D -m 644 install/archiso $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso
install -D -m 755 archiso_shutdown $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/archiso_shutdown
install -D -m 644 hooks/archiso_shutdown $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso_shutdown
install -D -m 644 install/archiso_shutdown $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso_shutdown
install -D -m 644 archiso_pxe_nbd $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/archiso_pxe_nbd
install -D -m 644 hooks/archiso_pxe_nbd $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso_pxe_nbd
install -D -m 644 install/archiso_pxe_nbd $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso_pxe_nbd
......@@ -32,6 +35,9 @@ uninstall:
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/testiso
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/archiso_shutdown
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso_shutdown
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso_shutdown
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/archiso_pxe_nbd
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso_pxe_nbd
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/initcpio/install/archiso_pxe_nbd
# /oldroot depends on things inside /oldroot/run/archiso...
mkdir /oldrun
mount --move /oldroot/run /oldrun
# Unmount all mounts now.
umount $(mount | awk '$3 ~/^\/oldroot/ {print $3}' | sort -r)
# Remove all dm-snapshot devices.
dmsetup remove_all
# Remove all loopback devices made for dm-snapshots devices
# other misc loops like used for pure squashfs images
# and unmount/detach *.fs.sfs images.
for _lup in $(ls -r /dev/loop[1-9][0-9][0-9]); do
if ! losetup -d ${_lup} 2> /dev/null; then
umount -d ${_lup}
# Unmount the space used to store *.cow.
umount /oldrun/archiso/cowspace
# Unmount boot device if needed (no copytoram=y used)
if [[ ! -d /oldrun/archiso/copytoram ]]; then
umount /oldrun/archiso/bootmnt
# Detach img_loop= and unmount img_dev= (archiso_loop_mnt hook)
if [[ -f /oldrun/archiso/img_dev_loop ]]; then
losetup -d $(cat /oldrun/archiso/img_dev_loop)
umount /oldrun/archiso/img_dev
if [[ -f /oldrun/archiso/ ]]; then
nbd-client -d /dev/nbd0
# reboot / poweroff / halt, depending on the argument passed by init
# if something invalid is passed, we halt
case "$1" in
reboot|poweroff|halt) "$1" -f ;;
*) halt -f;;
run_hook ()
msg -n ":: Creating shutdown ramfs..."
mkdir -p /run/initramfs/usr/bin
mkdir /run/initramfs/usr/sbin
mkdir /run/initramfs/bin
mkdir /run/initramfs/sbin
mkdir /run/initramfs/lib
cp /bin/busybox /run/initramfs/bin/
cp /lib/ld-* /run/initramfs/lib/
cp /lib/lib* /run/initramfs/lib/
cp /sbin/dmsetup /run/initramfs/sbin/
if [[ -x /bin/nbd-client ]]; then
cp /bin/nbd-client /run/initramfs/bin/
chroot /run/initramfs /bin/busybox --install
cp /shutdown /run/initramfs/
msg "done."
build() {
add_binary /lib/initcpio/archiso_shutdown /shutdown
help () {
This hook will create a shutdown initramfs in /run/initramfs
that we can pivot to on shutdown in order to unmount / and
and others mount points, dm-snapshot devices and loopback devices.
Mostly usefull for dm-snapshot persistent.
......@@ -43,10 +43,11 @@ make_customize_root_image() {
make_setup_mkinitcpio() {
if [[ ! -e ${work_dir}/build.${FUNCNAME} ]]; then
local _hook
for _hook in archiso archiso_pxe_nbd archiso_loop_mnt; do
for _hook in archiso archiso_shutdown archiso_pxe_nbd archiso_loop_mnt; do
cp /lib/initcpio/hooks/${_hook} ${work_dir}/root-image/lib/initcpio/hooks
cp /lib/initcpio/install/${_hook} ${work_dir}/root-image/lib/initcpio/install
cp /lib/initcpio/archiso_shutdown ${work_dir}/root-image/lib/initcpio
cp /lib/initcpio/archiso_pxe_nbd ${work_dir}/root-image/lib/initcpio
: > ${work_dir}/build.${FUNCNAME}
HOOKS="base udev memdisk archiso archiso_pxe_nbd archiso_loop_mnt pata scsi sata usb fw pcmcia filesystems usbinput"
HOOKS="base udev memdisk archiso_shutdown archiso archiso_pxe_nbd archiso_loop_mnt pata scsi sata usb fw pcmcia filesystems usbinput"
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