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mkarchiso: do not set default mksquashfs options

Remove hardcoded '-comp xz', it prevents using mksquashfs defaults.

Fixes #112.
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......@@ -51,8 +51,7 @@ The image file is constructed from some of the variables in ****: `
- `ext4+squashfs`: Create an ext4 partition, copy the airootfs work directory to it and create a squashfs image from it
- `erofs`: Create an EROFS image for the airootfs work directory
* `airootfs_image_tool_options`: An array of options to pass to the tool to create the airootfs image. `mksquashfs` and
`mkfs.erofs` are supported. See `mksquashfs --help` or `mkfs.erofs --help` for all possible options (defaults to
`('-comp' 'xz')` for squashfs).
`mkfs.erofs` are supported. See `mksquashfs --help` or `mkfs.erofs --help` for all possible options.
* `file_permissions`: An associative array that lists files and/or directories who need specific ownership or
permissions. The array's keys contain the path and the value is a colon separated list of owner UID, owner GID and
access mode. E.g. `file_permissions=(["/etc/shadow"]="0:0:400")`. When directories are listed with a trailing backslash ("/") **all** files and directories contained within the listed directory will have the same owner UID, owner GID, and access mode applied recursively.
......@@ -155,11 +155,6 @@ _cleanup_airootfs() {
_run_mksquashfs() {
# Set default mksquashfs options
if (( ${#airootfs_image_tool_options[@]} < 1 )); then
airootfs_image_tool_options=('-comp' 'xz')
local image_path="${isofs_dir}/${install_dir}/${arch}/airootfs.sfs"
if [[ "${quiet}" == "y" ]]; then
mksquashfs "$@" "${image_path}" -noappend "${airootfs_image_tool_options[@]}" -no-progress > /dev/null
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