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configs/{baseline,releng}/: disable systemd-gpt-auto-generator

When booting the ISO, you can observe a message that systemd-gpt-auto-generator has failed:

    systemd-gpt-auto-generator[197]: Reading EFI variable /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/LoaderDevicePartUUID-4a67b082-0a4c-41cf-b6c7-440b29bb8c4f.
    systemd-gpt-auto-generator[197]: open("/sys/firmware/efi/efivars/LoaderDevicePartUUID-4a67b082-0a4c-41cf-b6c7-440b29bb8c4f") failed: No such file or directory
    systemd-gpt-auto-generator[197]: EFI loader partition unknown, exiting.
    systemd-gpt-auto-generator[197]: (The boot loader did not set EFI variable LoaderDevicePartUUID.)
    systemd-gpt-auto-generator[197]: Failed to open device: No such device

Seeing as it started to appear relatively recently, it may be a systemd bug.
Since we do not want any GPT partition automounting in the live environment anyway, systemd-gpt-auto-generator can simply be disabled.

Fixes #164.
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......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ Changed
- Fix the PXE support. PXELINUX was having trouble finding the kernel and initrds. Now, archiso forces syslinux to
interpret all TFTP paths as absolute. That seems to have solved the issue.
- Disable systemd-gpt-auto-generator, which we do not need, in both baseline and releng profiles. It avoids the error
message about it failing during boot.
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