Commit f9308678 authored by Christian Hesse's avatar Christian Hesse 😜 Committed by Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
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use package amd-ucode for amd microcode

The package linux-firmware has a new split package amd-ucode. Do not
build the image manually but use the package.

Signed-off-by: Christian Hesse's avatarChristian Hesse <>
parent 67dabd15
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ make_pacman_conf() {
# Base installation, plus needed packages (airootfs)
make_basefs() {
mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/x86_64" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" init
mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/x86_64" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "haveged intel-ucode memtest86+ mkinitcpio-nfs-utils nbd zsh efitools" install
mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/x86_64" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "haveged intel-ucode amd-ucode memtest86+ mkinitcpio-nfs-utils nbd zsh efitools" install
# Additional packages (airootfs)
......@@ -107,16 +107,6 @@ make_customize_airootfs() {
rm ${work_dir}/x86_64/airootfs/root/
# Prepare amd_ucode
make_amd_ucode_img() {
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/amd-ucode/kernel/x86/microcode
cat ${work_dir}/x86_64/airootfs/lib/firmware/amd-ucode/microcode_amd*.bin > ${work_dir}/amd-ucode/kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin
pushd ${work_dir}/amd-ucode > /dev/null
echo kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin | bsdcpio -o -H newc -R 0:0 > amd-ucode.img
popd > /dev/null
cp ${work_dir}/amd-ucode/amd-ucode.img ${work_dir}/x86_64/airootfs/boot/amd-ucode.img
# Prepare kernel/initramfs ${install_dir}/boot/
make_boot() {
mkdir -p ${work_dir}/iso/${install_dir}/boot/x86_64
......@@ -266,7 +256,6 @@ run_once make_basefs
run_once make_packages
run_once make_setup_mkinitcpio
run_once make_customize_airootfs
run_once make_amd_ucode_img
run_once make_boot
run_once make_boot_extra
run_once make_syslinux
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