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      Add license and basic documentation · e264b446
      David Runge authored
      Add GPL-3.0 license.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Install the `run_archiso.sh` script as global executable `run_archiso`.
      Use -D and -t flags to install to install files more generically (without a previous call to install the directory).
      Add README outlining the project's scope, how to build images from the profiles and how to test.
      Add list of all direct contributors to the repository.
      Add basic contribution guidelines, explaining the linter and the license in use.
      Closes #7
      Closes #3
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      Adding linting for initcpio scripts · e2032db4
      David Runge authored
      Setting bash shebang for all scripts and making them comform with shellcheck.
      Setting ash shebang for all scripts and making them comform with shellcheck (for dash, as shellcheck has no ash specific
      ruleset). Essentially the ash based scripts should be POSIX compliant as much as possible to have an easier time
      writing, debugging and maintaining them.
      Ensuring that variables are not treated as options and introducing variable quoting.
      Integrating shellcheck for initcpio scripts.
      Closes #32
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      [archiso] Rename cowfile_size to cow_spacesize= · 9322a0d3
      Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi authored
      The name is more relevant since the usage is shared for both
      dm-snapshot and overlayfs.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <vmlinuz386@gmail.com>
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      [archiso] Add optional OverlayFS support · a637bdb8
      Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi authored
      This is the first attemp to test overlayfs in archiso.
      The current dm-snapshot mode is keep and is enabled by default,
      while the new mode is enabled via "-s sfs" to mkarchiso.
      No new boot parameters are added, since archiso hooks detects
      if the .sfs file is for dm-snapshot (airootfs.img inside)
      or for overlayfs.
      Persistence is supported in overlayfs mode using the same options
      (cowlabel or cowdevice), but warning while in dm-snapshot mode,
      only one file is used (airootfs.cow), in overlayfs mode internal
      files for workdir/ and upperdir/ are allocated, so you can not use
      VFAT or NTFS.
      To test this, you need to enable [testing] in pacman.conf from
      releng profile and edit build.sh then add "-s sfs" in make_prepare()
      Look at:
          setarch ${arch} mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" prepare
      Replace with:
          setarch ${arch} mkarchiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -s sfs -D "${install_dir}" prepare
      The build requires just half of space that the build for dm-snapshot,
      since there is no ext4 img ;)
      Just to remember: there is no space gain in .sfs (just about 2M)
      There is at least one thing during boot with machine-id service:
      Dec 24 03:31:39 archiso systemd-machine-id-commit[183]: Failed to unmount transient /etc/machine-id file in our private namespace: Invalid argument
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <vmlinuz386@gmail.com>
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      [archiso] Introduce cowfile_size= bootparam · 1746e310
      Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi authored
      If not set, nothing is changed in current behaviour.
      Since dm-snapshot allows to use as "COW" a file with any size,
      without caring about the the size of "origin", we can avoid creating a
      "COW" file of the same size as the "origin". This is really useful,
      when using as cow_device= a filesystem that is VFAT where sparse files
      are not supported, so if root-image.fs is 1000M, passing cowfile_size=25%
      will create a root-image.cow of 250M instead of 1000M.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGerardo Exequiel Pozzi <vmlinuz386@yahoo.com.ar>
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