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      Add license and basic documentation · e264b446
      David Runge authored
      Add GPL-3.0 license.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Add SPDX license identifier.
      Install the `run_archiso.sh` script as global executable `run_archiso`.
      Use -D and -t flags to install to install files more generically (without a previous call to install the directory).
      Add README outlining the project's scope, how to build images from the profiles and how to test.
      Add list of all direct contributors to the repository.
      Add basic contribution guidelines, explaining the linter and the license in use.
      Closes #7
      Closes #3
  12. 28 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Install all packages in one go and don't copy pacman.conf to airootfs · df93289b
      nl6720 authored
      Copy custom files to airootfs before installing packages.
      Instead of calling `mkarchiso init`, list all required packages in packages.x86_64 and install them all at once with `mkarchiso install`. The mkdir command which `mkarchiso init` performs is now done by make_custom_airootfs.
      Don't copy configs/releng/pacman.conf to airootfs, it is only meant to provide a unmodified pacman.conf durring pacstrap. In airootfs, an unmodified /etc/pacman.conf will be installed with the pacman package.
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  15. 30 Jun, 2020 3 commits
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      Add reflector and enable reflector.service · 3c33e84c
      nl6720 authored
      reflector.service will update pacman's mirrorlist after a network connection is established in the live system.
      Fixes #26 .
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      Add efibootmgr · 609e9884
      nl6720 authored
      It was previously pulled in as a dependency of refind. Now that refind is removed, add efibootmgr explicitly.
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      Add back lsscsi · 4d0cc65d
      nl6720 authored
      It cannot be fully replaced by lsblk.
  16. 24 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Adding systemd-resolvconf · c5ecb842
      David Runge authored
      Due to dropping netctl from the image, no packgae currently directly
      pulls in a resolvconf provider.
      The systemd-resolvconf package is compatible with systemd-resolved which
      is in use on the image now and the preferred choice.
      Closes #22
  17. 23 Jun, 2020 3 commits
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      Removin unneeded packages · 32eef254
      David Runge authored
      Removing packages:
      * grub :rescue/ installation actions for grub should be run from within
        a chroot
      * lsscsi: lsblk provides the same functionality
      * netctl: we have systemd-networkd enabled by default
      * ntp: we have systemd-timesyncd
      * refind: rescue/ installation actions for refind should be run from
        within a chroot
      * vi: we have vim
      Closes #15
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      Adding nvme-cli to package list · 6bf452f5
      David Runge authored
      Adding nvme-cli to the list of packages for working with NVME drives in
      a live environment (as discussed in FS#63769).
      Closes #20
    • David Runge's avatar
      Removing wget in favor of curl · 9b49621f
      David Runge authored
      Replacing wget with curl for the use-case of downloading a
      pre-specified remote startup script (changing flags where needed).
      Removing wget from the list of installed packages, as
      .automated_script.sh was the only reason for it being installed.
      Closes #16
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