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Parametrize 'docker' command

Allows 'make image-base DOCKER=podman'

Originally from: Grzegorz Klimaszewski <>

Closes #51.
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BUILDDIR=$(shell pwd)/build
OUTPUTDIR=$(shell pwd)/output
......@@ -62,8 +63,8 @@ $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base-devel: $(OUTPUTDIR)/base-devel.tar.xz
.PHONY: docker-image-base
image-base: $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base
docker build -f $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base -t archlinux/archlinux:base $(OUTPUTDIR)
${DOCKER} build -f $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base -t archlinux/archlinux:base $(OUTPUTDIR)
.PHONY: docker-image-base-devel
image-base-devel: $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base-devel
docker build -f $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base-devel -t archlinux/archlinux:base-devel $(OUTPUTDIR)
${DOCKER} build -f $(OUTPUTDIR)/Dockerfile.base-devel -t archlinux/archlinux:base-devel $(OUTPUTDIR)
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