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Merge branch 'update-dockerhub-readme' into 'master'

Update description on Dockerhub on release

Closes #47

See merge request !44
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......@@ -177,9 +177,14 @@ release:
- apk update
- apk add jq curl
- apk add jq curl httpie
- |
# Update the description on
TOKEN="$(https POST username="${DOCKERHUB_USERNAME}" password="${DOCKERHUB_PASSWORD}" | jq -er .token)"
https PATCH Authorization:"JWT ${TOKEN}" full_description="$(cat"
# Upload rootfs to the Generic Packages Repository
for group in base base-devel; do
sed -i "s|${group}.tar.xz|${group}-${BUILD_VERSION}.tar.xz|" output/${group}.tar.xz.SHA256
echo "Uploading ${group}.tar.xz"
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