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    feat(rpc): add /rpc/v5/{type} openapi-compatible routes · df0a4a2b
    Kevin Morris authored
    We will be modeling future RPC implementations on an OpenAPI spec.
    While this commit does not completely cohere to OpenAPI in terms
    of response data, this is a good start and will allow us to cleanly
    document these openapi routes in the current and future.
    This commit brings in the new RPC routes:
    - GET /rpc/v5/info/{pkgname}
    - GET /rpc/v5/info?arg[]=pkg1&arg[]=pkg2
    - POST /rpc/v5/info with JSON data `{"arg": ["pkg1", "pkg2"]}`
    - GET /rpc/v5/search?arg=keywords&by=valid-by-value
    - POST /rpc/v5/search with JSON data `{"by": "valid-by-value", "arg": "keywords"}`
    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <kevr@0cost.org>