Verified Commit 0388b128 authored by Kevin Morris's avatar Kevin Morris
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fix: package description on /packages/{name} view

...What in the world happened here. We were literally just populating
`pkg` based on `pkgbase.packages.first()`. We should have been focusing
on the package passed by the context, which is always available when
`show_package_details` is true.

Closes #384

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
parent 83ddbd22
{% set pkg = pkgbase.packages.first() %}
<table id="pkginfo">
<th>{{ "Git Clone URL" | tr }}:</th>
......@@ -20,13 +19,13 @@
<th>{{ "Description" | tr }}:</th>
<td class="wrap">{{ pkg.Description }}</td>
<td class="wrap">{{ package.Description }}</td>
<th>{{ "Upstream URL" | tr }}:</th>
<td class="wrap">
{% if pkg.URL %}
<a href="{{ pkg.URL }}">{{ pkg.URL }}</a>
{% if package.URL %}
<a href="{{ package.URL }}">{{ package.URL }}</a>
{% else %}
{{ "None" | tr }}
{% endif %}
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