Commit 1ceeda8a authored by Dan McGee's avatar Dan McGee Committed by Loui Chang
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Specify explicit joins for package search

Refactor the query to use explicit LEFT JOINs, which appears to be handled
by MySQL in a saner fashion than the previous implicit join syntax. This is
part two in a slight fixup for observed slow queries in the production
environment. With the new indexes and this fixup, a particular iteration of
this query will examine only 13346 rows instead of 272060.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLoui Chang <>
parent e2b3bd1c
......@@ -437,19 +437,19 @@ function pkg_search_page($SID="") {
Packages.Name, Packages.Version, Packages.Description, Packages.NumVotes,
Packages.ID, Packages.OutOfDate
FROM PackageCategories, PackageLocations, Packages
FROM Packages
LEFT JOIN Users ON (Packages.MaintainerUID = Users.ID) ";
if ($SID) {
$q .= "LEFT JOIN PackageVotes
ON (Packages.ID = PackageVotes.PackageID AND PackageVotes.UsersID = $myuid)
LEFT JOIN CommentNotify
ON (Packages.ID = CommentNotify.PkgID AND CommentNotify.UserID = $myuid) ";
$q .= "WHERE
Packages.CategoryID = PackageCategories.ID
AND Packages.LocationID = PackageLocations.ID
AND Packages.DummyPkg = 0 ";
$q .= "LEFT JOIN PackageCategories
ON (Packages.CategoryID = PackageCategories.ID)
LEFT JOIN PackageLocations
ON (Packages.LocationID = PackageLocations.ID)
WHERE Packages.DummyPkg = 0 ";
// TODO: possibly do string matching on category and
// location to make request variable values more sensible
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