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doc(rpc): include route doc at the top of aurweb.routers.rpc

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RPC API routing module
For legacy route documentation, see
Legacy Routes:
- GET /rpc
- POST /rpc
Legacy example (version 5): /rpc?v=5&type=info&arg=my-package
For OpenAPI route documentation, see
OpenAPI Routes:
- GET /rpc/v{version}/info/{arg}
- GET /rpc/v{version}/info
- POST /rpc/v{version}/info
- GET /rpc/v{version}/search/{arg}
- GET /rpc/v{version}/search
- POST /rpc/v{version}/search
- GET /rpc/v{version}/suggest/{arg}
OpenAPI example (version 5): /rpc/v5/info/my-package
import hashlib
import re
from http import HTTPStatus
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