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Add more Chinese translations.

Signed-off-by: default avatarSupern Lee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLoui Chang <>
parent 8ac3ca74
......@@ -152,3 +152,113 @@ $_t["New proposal submitted."] = "";
$_t["Upload"] = "上传";
$_t["You must be logged in before you can vote for packages."] = "你必须登录之后才能为包投票";
$_t["Invalid category ID."] = "非法的分类标识";
$_t["Go"] = "前进";
$_t["New Package Notify"] = "新包通知";
$_t["Use this form to search existing accounts."] = "使用这个表单去查找已经存在的帐户";
$_t["The address, %h%s%h, is already in use."] = "该地址,%h%s%h,已经被使用";
$_t["Current Votes"] = "当前的投票";
$_t["Select Category"] = "选择分类";
$_t["You have been removed from the comment notification list for %s."] = "你已经从评论通知中移出了%s";
$_t["Unknown file format for uploaded file."] = "上传的未知格式的文件";
$_t["Delete Packages"] = "删除包";
$_t["The selected packages have been deleted."] = "选中的包已经被删除";
$_t["Back"] = "返回";
$_t["Re-type password"] = "确认密码";
$_t["All Votes"] = "所有投票";
$_t["The selected packages have been disowned."] = "选中的包已经被否决";
$_t["Suspended"] = "暂停";
$_t["Home"] = "首页";
$_t["Yes"] = "是";
$_t["UnFlag Out-of-date"] = "过期的未标记";
$_t["Developer"] = "开发者";
$_t["Category"] = "目录";
$_t["Missing build function in PKGBUILD."] = "PKGBUILD中缺少build函数";
$_t["You must be logged in before you can flag packages."] = "你必须在登录后才能标记包";
$_t["No results found."] = "没有发任何结果";
$_t["No"] = "不";
$_t["Discussion"] = "讨论";
$_t["Dependencies"] = "依赖";
$_t["Start"] = "开始";
$_t["Add"] = "添加";
$_t["You did not select any packages to adopt."] = "你没有选择可疑的包";
$_t["Length must be at least 1."] = "长度必须大于等于1";
$_t["Error trying to create account, %h%s%h: %s."] = "尝试创建帐户失败,%h%s%h:%s.";
$_t["End"] = "结束";
$_t["The account, %h%s%h, has been successfully modified."] = "该帐户,%h%s%h,修改成功.";
$_t["Account Suspended"] = "帐户被暂停";
$_t["Status"] = "状态";
$_t["You must be logged in before you can get notifications on comments."] = "你必须登录后才能收到评论通知";
$_t["Leave the password fields blank to keep your same password."] = "如果不修改密码,请保持密码项为空";
$_t["IRC Nick"] = "IRC昵称";
$_t["Trusted user"] = "受信用户";
$_t["Normal user"] = "普通用户";
$_t["This is a %h%s%h problem!"] = "这是一个%h%s%h 问题";
$_t["You are not allowed to overwrite the %h%s%h package."] = "不允许你覆盖%h%s%h这个包";
$_t["Missing comment ID."] = "评论标识丢失";
$_t["Error trying to retrieve package details."] = "尝试重新获取包详情错误";
$_t["Proposal cannot be empty."] = "提议不能为空";
$_t["User"] = "用户";
$_t["Package Category"] = "包分类";
$_t["The selected packages have been adopted."] = "选择的包已经被怀疑";
$_t["Packages"] = "包";
$_t["Edit Account"] = "编辑帐户";
$_t["Search"] = "搜索";
$_t["Language"] = "语言";
$_t["Orphans"] = "孤儿";
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