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change(python): put pkgbase routes & impl into their own modules

Introduces new router:
- `aurweb.routers.pkgbase`

Introduces new package:
- `aurweb.pkgbase`

Introduces new modules:
- `aurweb.pkgbase.actions`
- `aurweb.pkgbase.util`

- `pkgbase_{action}_instance` functions are now located in
- `pkgbase`-wise routes have been moved to
- `make_single_context` was moved to

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ from aurweb.auth import BasicAuthBackend
from aurweb.db import get_engine, query
from aurweb.models import AcceptedTerm, Term
from aurweb.prometheus import http_api_requests_total, http_requests_total, instrumentator
from aurweb.routers import accounts, auth, html, packages, rpc, rss, sso, trusted_user
from aurweb.routers import accounts, auth, html, packages, pkgbase, rpc, rss, sso, trusted_user
from aurweb.templates import make_context, render_template
# Setup the FastAPI app.
......@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ async def app_startup():
# Initialize the database engine and ORM.
from typing import List
from fastapi import Request
from aurweb import db, logging, util
from aurweb.auth import creds
from aurweb.models import PackageBase
from aurweb.models.package_comaintainer import PackageComaintainer
from aurweb.models.package_notification import PackageNotification
from aurweb.models.request_type import DELETION_ID, MERGE_ID, ORPHAN_ID
from aurweb.packages.requests import handle_request, update_closure_comment
from aurweb.scripts import notify, popupdate
logger = logging.get_logger(__name__)
def pkgbase_notify_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> None:
notif = db.query(pkgbase.notifications.filter(
PackageNotification.UserID == request.user.ID
has_cred = request.user.has_credential(creds.PKGBASE_NOTIFY)
if has_cred and not notif:
with db.begin():
def pkgbase_unnotify_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> None:
notif = pkgbase.notifications.filter(
PackageNotification.UserID == request.user.ID
has_cred = request.user.has_credential(creds.PKGBASE_NOTIFY)
if has_cred and notif:
with db.begin():
def pkgbase_unflag_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> None:
has_cred = request.user.has_credential(
creds.PKGBASE_UNFLAG, approved=[pkgbase.Flagger, pkgbase.Maintainer])
if has_cred:
with db.begin():
pkgbase.OutOfDateTS = None
pkgbase.Flagger = None
pkgbase.FlaggerComment = str()
def pkgbase_disown_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> None:
import aurweb.packages.util as pkgutil
disowner = request.user
notifs = [notify.DisownNotification(disowner.ID, pkgbase.ID)]
is_maint = disowner == pkgbase.Maintainer
if is_maint:
with db.begin():
# Comaintainer with the lowest Priority value; next-in-line.
prio_comaint = pkgbase.comaintainers.order_by(
if prio_comaint:
# If there is such a comaintainer, promote them to maint.
pkgbase.Maintainer = prio_comaint.User
# Otherwise, just orphan the package completely.
pkgbase.Maintainer = None
elif request.user.has_credential(creds.PKGBASE_DISOWN):
# Otherwise, the request user performing this disownage is a
# Trusted User and we treat it like a standard orphan request.
notifs += handle_request(request, ORPHAN_ID, pkgbase)
with db.begin():
pkgbase.Maintainer = None
util.apply_all(notifs, lambda n: n.send())
def pkgbase_adopt_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> None:
with db.begin():
pkgbase.Maintainer = request.user
notif = notify.AdoptNotification(request.user.ID, pkgbase.ID)
def pkgbase_delete_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase,
comments: str = str()) \
-> List[notify.Notification]:
notifs = handle_request(request, DELETION_ID, pkgbase) + [
notify.DeleteNotification(request.user.ID, pkgbase.ID)
with db.begin():
update_closure_comment(pkgbase, DELETION_ID, comments)
return notifs
def pkgbase_merge_instance(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase,
target: PackageBase, comments: str = str()) -> None:
pkgbasename = str(pkgbase.Name)
# Create notifications.
notifs = handle_request(request, MERGE_ID, pkgbase, target)
# Target votes and notifications sets of user IDs that are
# looking to be migrated.
target_votes = set(v.UsersID for v in target.package_votes)
target_notifs = set(n.UserID for n in target.notifications)
with db.begin():
# Merge pkgbase's comments.
for comment in pkgbase.comments:
comment.PackageBase = target
# Merge notifications that don't yet exist in the target.
for notif in pkgbase.notifications:
if notif.UserID not in target_notifs:
notif.PackageBase = target
# Merge votes that don't yet exist in the target.
for vote in pkgbase.package_votes:
if vote.UsersID not in target_votes:
vote.PackageBase = target
# Run popupdate.
with db.begin():
# Delete pkgbase and its packages now that everything's merged.
for pkg in pkgbase.packages:
# Log this out for accountability purposes."Trusted User '{request.user.Username}' merged "
f"'{pkgbasename}' into '{target.Name}'.")
# Send notifications.
util.apply_all(notifs, lambda n: n.send())
from typing import Any, Dict
from fastapi import Request
from aurweb import config
from aurweb.models import PackageBase
from aurweb.models.package_comment import PackageComment
from aurweb.models.package_request import PackageRequest
from aurweb.models.package_vote import PackageVote
from aurweb.templates import make_context as _make_context
def make_context(request: Request, pkgbase: PackageBase) -> Dict[str, Any]:
""" Make a basic context for package or pkgbase.
:param request: FastAPI request
:param pkgbase: PackageBase instance
:return: A pkgbase context without specific differences
context = _make_context(request, pkgbase.Name)
context["git_clone_uri_anon"] = config.get("options", "git_clone_uri_anon")
context["git_clone_uri_priv"] = config.get("options", "git_clone_uri_priv")
context["pkgbase"] = pkgbase
context["packages_count"] = pkgbase.packages.count()
context["keywords"] = pkgbase.keywords
context["comments"] = pkgbase.comments.order_by(
context["pinned_comments"] = pkgbase.comments.filter(
PackageComment.PinnedTS != 0
context["is_maintainer"] = bool(request.user == pkgbase.Maintainer)
context["notified"] = request.user.notified(pkgbase)
context["out_of_date"] = bool(pkgbase.OutOfDateTS)
context["voted"] = request.user.package_votes.filter(
PackageVote.PackageBaseID == pkgbase.ID
context["requests"] = pkgbase.requests.filter(
return context
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