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doc(rpc): Request Types -> Request Methods & reword description

The POST description was ridiculously confusing. This cleans up the
doc a bit and is hopefully a bit more straight-forward.

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......@@ -28,21 +28,27 @@ Package information can be obtained by issuing HTTP GET requests of the form
+/rpc?v=5&type=info&arg[]=_pkg1_&arg[]=_pkg2_&...+ where _pkg1_, _pkg2_, ...
are the names of packages to retrieve package details for.
Request Types
The GET method here parses arguments in an odd way due to `v=5` historically
supporting this ordering. Later versions will remove support for this kind
of parsing, and the POST method is our first step toward solving it.
* `GET`
- Search arguments are constructed using the last found argument(s).
If the last related argument is `arg[]`, we collect arguments from
end to start until we hit a non-`arg[]` argument. If the last related
argument is `arg`, it used as the one and only argument.
* `POST`
- Search arguments are constructed using `[arg] + args` where
`args == arg[]`.
Request Methods
Historically, the `type=multiinfo` `v=5` GET request has supported a
particular ordering of arguments. The POST request argument ordering
cannot be guaranteed, and so its behavior is different. Differences are
described below:
`type=multiinfo` arguments are parsed by iterating the query string
from last to first key, looking for an `arg` or `arg[]`. Once one is
found, behavior diverges depending on which is found first: the `arg`
parameter is used as the sole argument or the `arg[]` parameters are
built into a list until a non-argument key is encountered.
`POST (experimental)`::
All provided instances of `arg` and `arg[]` given to `type=multiinfo`
are supported in unison:
curl -d 'v=5' -d 'type=info' -d 'arg=one' -d 'arg[]=two' -d 'arg[]=three' ...
All other valid query types are supported without change.
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