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Release v6.2.0 - 2023-01-26

- 8027ff93: alignment of pagination element
- d8e91d05: (rpc) provides search should return name match
- 413de914: remove trailing whitespace lint check for ./po
- 2150f8bc: (docker) nginx health check
- 4d0a982c: assert offset and per_page are positive
- 0e44687a: only try to show dependencies if object exists
- a2487c20: (deps) update dependency bleach to v6
- 65ba735f: bleach upgrade 6.0
- 36fd58d7: show notification box when adding a comment
- ff0123b5: save notification state for unchanged comments
- 6c9be9eb: (deps) update dependencies from renovate
- becce1aa: occasional errors when loading package details
- 255cdcf6: (revert): fix: only try to show dependencies if object exists

- 2b8dedb3: add pagination element below comments
- ff44eb02: add link to mailing list article on requests page
- f6c48914: add Support section to Dashboard
- c176b2b6: increase mandatory coverage to 95%
- ec239cee: add "Last Updated" column to search results
- 7f9ac28f: (deps) add watchfiles

- 7a9448a3: improve packages search-query