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Release v6.2.10 - 2024-05-18

- 4637b2ed: (tests) Fix test case for Prometheus metrics
- 1ba9e6eb: change git-cliff "tag_pattern" option to regex
- baf97bd1: (test) FastAPI 0.104.1 - Fix warnings
- 22e15773: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.109.0
- 2fcd793a: (test) Fixes for "TestClient" changes
- 6e32cf42: (i18n) Adjust transifex host URL
- a37b9685: (deps) update dependency lxml to v5
- db6bba8b: (deps) update dependency feedgen to v1
- 319c565c: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
- 057685f3: Fix package info for 404 errors
- 21e2ef5e: (test) Fix "TestClient"
- 3220cf88: (CI) Remove "fast-single-thread" tag
- 43b322e7: (CI) lint job - fix for python 3.12

- 1b82887c: Change i18n.txt to markdown format

- 78342236: Set reply-to header for notifications to ML
- a0b2e826: Parse markdown within html block elements
- d050b626: Add blacklist check for pkgbase
- 21a23c9a: Limit comment length

- ffddf639: poetry - include python version 3.12
- afb7af3e: replace deprecated datetime functions

miscellaneous tasks:
- f967c356: (i18n) Update translations
- 9818c3f4: (i18n) Replace [community] leftover mentions to [extra]
- 76b69712: (deps) Ignore python upgrades with Renovate
- 6ba06801: (deps) update dependencies
- c6a530f2: (deps) bump pre-commit tools/libs