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Release v6.2.2 - 2023-03-15

- 2373bdf4: (deps) bump pre-commit hooks
- cb16f42a: validate timezone before use
- 45218c4c: per-page needs to be non zero
- 68813abc: (RTL) make RTL layout properly displayed
- 0c5b4721: include package data without "Last Packager"
- 8aac8423: (test) use single-quotes for strings in sql statements
- 7d06c9ab: encode package name in URL for source files
- 52c962a5: (deps) fastapi 0.92.0 upgrade
- b9df7541: add comments in email for direct deletion/merge
- bf0d4a2b: (deps) bump dependencies
- 993a0446: (poetry) use classic installer

- 7d1827ff: cancel button for comment editing

- b1a9efd5: (git) remove deprecated "setup-repo" command
- 8d2e176c: stop "pkgmaint" script (cron job)
- c0390240: (deps) bump dependencies

miscellaneous tasks:
- f9a5188f: (lint) reformatting after black update