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    test: checkPackageDB(): Resolve "FIXME: We guess the location of the PKGBUILD" · 971181bf
    Luke Shumaker authored and Eli Schwartz's avatar Eli Schwartz committed
    The problem statement:
      checkPackageDB and checkRemovedPackageDB need bit of information on the
      package they're checking: a full list of pkgnames with that pkgbase, the
      list of pkgarches, and (for checkPackageDB only) the full version.  In
      dbscripts itself, we can get that directly from the .db files; however,
      since the test suite is checking the ability of dbscripts to edit those
      .db files, that's obviously not a good solution.
      The current solution is to get this information from the PKGBUILD...
      which we also count on dbscripts to correctly keep track of.  Wait,
      that's skipping ahead, let's back up.
      The current solution is to get this information from the PKGBUILD.  For
      checkRemovedPackageDB, that's easy; we just get it from trunk, as that's
      the most up-to-date information on the package as-it-would-have-existed
      (if that sounded a little hand-wavey, it was).  But for checkPackageDB,
      it's a little trickier, because of 2 factors working together: (1) there
      might be different versions on different repos, and (2) unlike
      checkRemovedPackageDB, checkPackageDB actually cares about pkgver.  So,
      checkPackageDB "guesses" the location in a slightly sloppy way, and is
      tagged with a "FIXME".
    What todo about it?
      There are a couple of things to observe:
       - Hidden in the hand-waving in assuming that "trunk" is fine for
         checkRemovedPackageDB is the assumption that neither pkgname=() nor
         arch=() is going to change between versions.  Which is a fine
         assumption, because we don't change those things between versions in
         any of our test cases.
       - We're counting on dbscripts correctly keeping track of which PKGBUILD
         is correct for which repo... which is one of the thing's we're trying
         to test, we shouldn't be counting on it.  That's actually a bigger
         problem than the original "FIXME"!
      So, putting those things together, let's (1) take the code under test out
      of the equation, and (2) remove any suggestion that the version of the
      PKGBUILD makes a difference to pkgnames/pkgarches: Let's have both
      functions that that information from the PKGBUILDs under "fixtures/",
      rather than getting PKGBUILDs from VCS.
      That just leaves one question: How to get the correct pkgver in
      checkPackageDB?  The obvious answer is: Each test case knows what the
      version should be; add it as an argument, and adjust every testcase that
      calls it.