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gitlab: add project token users to allowlist

We should find a better solution as this is not maintainable. On the
other hand we can't use a regex as that is not safe either to enforce we
have no weird users or foreign projects sneaking in.
parent e33ca0db
...@@ -856,6 +856,16 @@ fn is_archlinux_bot(member: &GitLabMember) -> bool { ...@@ -856,6 +856,16 @@ fn is_archlinux_bot(member: &GitLabMember) -> bool {
if member.username.eq(GITLAB_BOT) { if member.username.eq(GITLAB_BOT) {
return true; return true;
} }
// TODO: find a better way for project token users
// This is not nicely maintainable nor safe to do by regex
if vec![
return true;
false false
} }
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