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# Becoming Arch Linux DevOps
In Arch Linux, DevOps are expected to be reliable, trusthworthy, and self-directed.
DevOps should be known and trusted by the community beforehand or be recommended by previous
## Junior DevOps program
In order be able to onboard lesser-known members of the community who still want to help out with
DevOps topics, we started the Junior DevOps program. This program requires applicants to
0) have contributed to Arch multiple times in some meaningful ways,
1) find two sponsors, and
2) write an application to the arch-devops mailing list.
The idea of Junior DevOps is that they don't get full access to all secrets and machines as opposed
to full DevOps and have to make operational changes in pairing session with a full DevOps.
However, Junior DevOps can already help with many tasks and are expected to take charge of a given
After a lot of trust is built up, Junior DevOps may graduate to become full DevOps.
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