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Fix python module deployment issues

With creates: once the aur python module is initially deployed it and
it's console-scripts will never be updated. To update the
console-scripts when the git repository is updated or when a major
Python update is done. As figuring out if a major Python update is done
we simply check if the python module is importable.

Fixes: #164
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...@@ -102,11 +102,18 @@ ...@@ -102,11 +102,18 @@
become_user: "{{ aurweb_user }}" become_user: "{{ aurweb_user }}"
when: release.changed or db_created.changed when: release.changed or db_created.changed
- name: Check python module availability
command: "python3 -c 'import aurweb'"
ignore_errors: yes
register: aurweb_installed
- skip_ansible_lint
- name: Install python module - name: Install python module
command: "python3 install --install-scripts=/usr/local/bin" command: "python3 install --install-scripts=/usr/local/bin"
args: args:
chdir: "{{ aurweb_dir }}" chdir: "{{ aurweb_dir }}"
creates: /usr/local/bin/aurweb-* when: release.changed or aurweb_installed.rc != 0
- name: Generate HTML documentation - name: Generate HTML documentation
make: make:
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