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matrix: Update homeserver config from sample_config.yaml

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......@@ -375,11 +375,10 @@ retention:
min_lifetime: 1d
max_lifetime: 1y
# Retention policy limits. If set, a user won't be able to send a
# '' event which features a 'min_lifetime' or a 'max_lifetime'
# that's not within this range. This is especially useful in closed federations,
# in which server admins can make sure every federating server applies the same
# rules.
# Retention policy limits. If set, and the state of a room contains a
# '' event in its state which contains a 'min_lifetime' or a
# 'max_lifetime' that's out of these bounds, Synapse will cap the room's policy
# to these limits when running purge jobs.
allowed_lifetime_min: 1d
allowed_lifetime_max: 1y
......@@ -405,12 +404,19 @@ retention:
# (e.g. every 12h), but not want that purge to be performed by a job that's
# iterating over every room it knows, which could be heavy on the server.
# If any purge job is configured, it is strongly recommended to have at least
# a single job with neither 'shortest_max_lifetime' nor 'longest_max_lifetime'
# set, or one job without 'shortest_max_lifetime' and one job without
# 'longest_max_lifetime' set. Otherwise some rooms might be ignored, even if
# 'allowed_lifetime_min' and 'allowed_lifetime_max' are set, because capping a
# room's policy to these values is done after the policies are retrieved from
# Synapse's database (which is done using the range specified in a purge job's
# configuration).
- shortest_max_lifetime: 1d
longest_max_lifetime: 3d
- longest_max_lifetime: 3d
interval: 12h
- shortest_max_lifetime: 3d
longest_max_lifetime: 1y
interval: 1d
# Inhibits the /requestToken endpoints from returning an error that might leak
......@@ -2003,9 +2009,7 @@ email:
# Directory in which Synapse will try to find the template files below.
# If not set, default templates from within the Synapse package will be used.
# DO NOT UNCOMMENT THIS SETTING unless you want to customise the templates.
# If you *do* uncomment it, you will need to make sure that all the templates
# below are in the directory.
# Do not uncomment this setting unless you want to customise the templates.
# Synapse will look for the following templates in this directory:
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