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# Using GitLab Pages
In order use GitLab Pages with Arch Linux, you'll have to specifically request a custom subdomain
below `` or `` to be assigned. We don't allow random projects to use Pages
because of legal and safety reasons (we don't want people to be able to trick others into thinking
something hosted below one of our domains is offiical).
## Setup on GitLab's side
There's not much to do on GitLab's side:
- Have a pipeline that outputs some static HTML to `public/` during the build.
- Specify this path (`public/`) as an artifact path.
- GitLab should now recognize that you're trying to use Pages and will show some
relevant information at
- At this page, you'll also need to add your custom domain. Add the custom domain you requested earlier.
- GitLab will then show domain verification information which you'll need in the next step.
## Setup on Terraform's side
At this point, we'll need to add some stuff to ``. It should look something like this.
Make sure to substitute the `your_domain` and `your-domain` strings accordingly:
resource "hetznerdns_record" "gitlab_pages_your_domain_a" {
zone_id =
name = "your-domain"
value = hcloud_floating_ip.gitlab_pages.ip_address
type = "A"
resource "hetznerdns_record" "gitlab_pages_your_domain_aaaa" {
zone_id =
name = "your-domain"
value = var.gitlab_pages_ipv6
type = "AAAA"
resource "hetznerdns_record" "gitlab_pages_your_domain_verification" {
zone_id =
name = "_gitlab-pages-verification-code.your-domain"
value = "gitlab-pages-verification-code=your-code-shown-by-gitlab"
type = "TXT"
Run `terraform apply` and go back to GitLab. Hit `Verify` and it should pick up the new domain
verification code. It should then also automatically begin fetching a certificate via Let's
Encrypt. That should take roughly 10min.
Done! Enjoy your Pages.
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