Verified Commit 2b1ba2f3 authored by Sven-Hendrik Haase's avatar Sven-Hendrik Haase
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nginx: Add toplevel-snippets mechanism

This allows you to add snippets for toplevel nginx configuration directives that can't go into the http level.
Use this for loading modules and such.
parent 9c561f8a
......@@ -11,8 +11,11 @@
- restart nginx
- name: snippets directory
file: state=directory path=/etc/nginx/snippets owner=root group=root mode=0755
- name: snippets directories
file: state=directory path=/etc/nginx/{{ item }} owner=root group=root mode=0755
- toplevel-snippets
- snippets
- name: copy snippets
template: src={{ item }} dest=/etc/nginx/snippets owner=root group=root mode=0644
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ worker_processes auto;
load_module /usr/lib/nginx/modules/;
load_module /usr/lib/nginx/modules/;
include toplevel-snippets/*.conf;
events {
worker_connections 2048;
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