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Docker is now build in Gitlab CI

We no longer need this role as Gitlab handles it now.
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......@@ -14,5 +14,4 @@
- { role: syncrepo }
- { role: sogrep }
- { role: archbuild }
- { role: docker_image }
- { role: fail2ban }
docker_image_user: 'docker-image'
docker_image_home: '/srv/docker-image'
docker_image_git_dir: '/srv/docker-image/archlinux-docker'
docker_image_git_remote: ''
docker_image_git_tag: 'v1.0'
docker_image_time: '*-*-05 00:00:00'
- name: install docker-image dependencies
pacman: name=docker,git,make,devtools,fakeroot,fakechroot state=present
- name: create docker-image user
user: name={{ docker_image_user }} shell=/bin/bash home="{{ docker_image_home }}" createhome=yes
- name: clone archlinux-docker repository
become: yes
become_user: "{{ docker_image_user }}"
git: repo="{{ docker_image_git_remote }}" version="{{ docker_image_git_tag }}" dest="{{ docker_image_git_dir }}" force=yes
- name: install sudoers file
template: src=sudoers.d.j2 dest=/etc/sudoers.d/docker-image owner=root group=root mode=0440
- name: install docker_image service
template: src='docker-image.service.j2' dest='/etc/systemd/system/docker-image.service' owner=root group=root mode=0644
- name: install docker_image timer
template: src='docker-image.timer.j2' dest='/etc/systemd/system/docker-image.timer' owner=root group=root mode=0644
- name: start and enable docker_image_build timer
name: docker-image.timer
enabled: yes
state: started
daemon_reload: yes
Description=docker-image service for building
ExecStart=/usr/bin/make -C {{ docker_image_git_dir }} rootfs
User={{ docker_image_user }}
WorkingDirectory={{ docker_image_git_dir }}
Description=Timer for docker-image.service
OnCalendar={{ docker_image_time }}
%docker-image-sudo ALL=({{docker_image_user}}) NOPASSWD:ALL
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