Unverified Commit 37d6326c authored by Jakub Klinkovský's avatar Jakub Klinkovský
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mariadb: remove zabbix_agentd.my.cnf.j2 which is installed by the zabbix_agent role

The previous task creating the "zabbix_agent" user in the database stays
here as it actually needs the mariadb role. But note that it uses a
hardcoded name "zabbix_agent" for setting the password. The zabbix_agent
uses a different variable ("{{zabbix_agent_mysql_password}}") in the
my.cnf.j2 template, but I don't see where the variable is defined...
parent 768c37ca
......@@ -40,9 +40,8 @@
no_log: true
- name: configure zabbix-agent user
# FIXME: "zabbix_agent" is hardcoded in the password variable: {{ vault_mariadb_users.zabbix_agent }}
# NOTE: the zabbix-agent role uses {{zabbix_agent_mysql_password}} in the my.cnf.j2 template
mysql_user: user={{ zabbix_agent_mysql_user }} host=localhost password={{ vault_mariadb_users.zabbix_agent }}
# TODO: implement in ansible: grant process on *.* to 'zabbix_agent'@'localhost';
- name: install zabbix mysql config
template: src=zabbix_agentd.my.cnf.j2 dest=/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.my.cnf owner=zabbix-agent group=zabbix-agent mode=0600
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