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# How to add a mirror to GitHub
## GitLab side
If you want to mirror your repository "myproject" from to the organization,
you should create an empty project for your project at or
if that's an existing repository, make sure that the current histories of the source and
......@@ -18,6 +20,8 @@ and then click Mirror repository.
A new entry will pop up which has a button titled "Copy SSH public key". Click that.
## GitHub side
Then go to and add a new deploy key.
Give it the title "" so we know where it's from and then paste the
public key you copied from GitLab just now. Check "Allow write access" and
......@@ -25,6 +29,16 @@ click "Add key".
Your push mirror should now work.
### GitHub repo settings
In the repo settings on GitHub's side you should disable a few things to clean up the project page:
- GitHub Actions
- Wikis
- Issues
- Projects
Finally, in the GitHub description of the mirrored project, append " (read-only mirror)"
so that people know it's a mirror. Also, in the website field put the full URL to the
upstream repo on our GitLab.
upstream repo on our GitLab, and disable "Packages" and "Environments" from being shown on the
main page.
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