Commit 425f4263 authored by Florian Pritz's avatar Florian Pritz
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Deploy basic config on nymeria and dragon

Mostly interesting for root_ssh.

Signed-off-by: Florian Pritz's avatarFlorian Pritz <>
parent e0f89583
......@@ -31,3 +31,7 @@
......@@ -12,4 +12,4 @@
# borg-client needs to be adapted to use the hostname instead of hardcoded values
# here. this also probably doesn't work nicely for old hosts yet
- { role: borg-client, tags: ["borg"], when: "'borg-clients' in group_names" }
- { role: zabbix-agent, tags: ["zabbix", "zabbix-agent"] }
- { role: zabbix-agent, tags: ["zabbix", "zabbix-agent"], when: "'unmanaged' not in group_names" }
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