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Add tu bylaws website domain

The TU Bylaws is currently deployed as part of the aurweb role which
makes it more work for devops and with gitlab pages TU's can deploy it
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......@@ -156,6 +156,7 @@ locals {
"openpgpkey" = "7533dfbf3947a5730d9cbcc1e5e63102"
"openpgpkey.master-key" = "5c7f9c249885c62287dd75d0c1dd99d8"
"bugs-old" = "1f3308c8d5763eecb4f9013291aeeac4"
"tu-bylaws.aur" = "bbafd3ed82f336e0c52d3eb9774b2432"
# This creates TXT DNS entries
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