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ci: completely remove "vars_files:" from playbooks

Removing just the list of vaulted var files triggers a schema violation.
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......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ ansible-lint:
# This probably happens due to gitlab-runner mounting the git repo into the container
- chmod o-w .
# Fix syntax-check rule (
- sed "/^vault_identity_list/d" -i ansible.cfg
- sed "/misc\/vaults\/vault_/d" -i playbooks/*.yml
- sed -i "/^vault_identity_list/d" ansible.cfg
- sed -i -e "/vars_files:/d" -e "/misc\/vaults\/vault_/d" playbooks/*.yml
# Fix load-failure: Failed to load or parse file
- ansible-lint $(printf -- "--exclude %s " */*/vault_*)
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